Minnesota Hospital Association

Patient Safety

Keeping Patients Safe Across All Areas of Hospital Care

Minnesota hospitals have committed significant resources to keep patients safe across all areas of hospital care. However, MHA recognizes it can be a challenge to implement all of the SAFE campaigns, particularly for small hospitals with limited resources. In working with an advisory group of rural hospitals and topic experts, MHA has developed the SAFER Care road map to make it more feasible for hospitals to make progress in multiple areas of harm prevention simultaneously.  

The SAFER Care road map combines the key foundational interventions from eight of MHA’s Call to Action road maps. It builds on the SAFE component that is consistent across all road maps to develop an infrastructure supportive of harm prevention and includes safety culture components such as teamwork and Just Culture.  

The goal is for hospitals to implement the full road map of best practices. If a hospital is already making good progress in topic-specific road maps, it should continue with that work. The SAFER Care road map is designed to help hospitals get started in areas where they have been unable to focus resources.