Minnesota Hospital Association

MHA Staff

The Minnesota Hospital Association is dedicated to providing its members with the information and resources they need to provide high-quality, effective care for their communities. Below is a directory of staff, organized by department.

Executive Office and Administration

Lawrence J. Massa, president and CEO
Matt Anderson, senior vice president of policy and chief strategy officer
Rahul Koranne, M.D., senior vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer
Deb Kierstead, chief financial officer
Jed Amerson-Holt, bookkeeper
John Hackett, senior accountant
Dee Dee Heffernan, executive assistant
Anna Jones, receptionist
Sarah LaRose-Holland, accounting director
Nathalie Squire
, workforce project manager/office manager
Natalie Thor, bookkeeper


Wendy Burt, vice president of public relations and communications
Ashley Beno, member services and communications specialist
Sarah Bohnet
, visual communications specialist/division assistant
Emily Lowther, communications manager


Peggy Westby, vice president of education and membership services
Christy Hammer, education specialist
Kimberley Huntington
, affiliate coordinator
Cari Kronschnable
, clerical/program coordinator


Joe Schindler, vice president of finance
Nick Johnston, financial analyst
Gail Kayfes
, senior programmer analyst
Andrea Wombacher, division assistant

Information Services

Mark Sonneborn, vice president, health information and analytics
Katie Banks, health informatics analyst
Jim Benedict, network administrator
Matt Hooper, web applications developer
Charles Kronschnable, director of IT and information security
Patrick Merrigan
, senior web applications developer
Neil Negstad
, programmer/analyst
Jaclyn Roland
, director of data acquisition
Jennifer Sanislo, division assistant
Bonnie Terveer, data operations assistant

Legal Counsel

Ben Peltier, vice president, legal and federal affairs

Policy and Advocacy

Mary Krinkie, vice president of government relations
Kristin Loncorich
, director of state government relations
Briana Nord Parish, policy analyst
Andrea Wombacher, division assistant

Quality and Patient Safety

Tania Daniels, vice president, quality and patient safety
Heather Britt, senior director of research and development, health care burnout 
Jennifer Schoenecker, senior director, quality and patient safety
Lali Silva, senior director for quality and process improvement
Joy Benn, quality and process improvement specialist
Rose Davila, quality and process improvement specialist
Kimberley Huntington, administrative assistant
Susan Klammer, quality and process improvement specialist
Angela Pokharel, quality and process improvement specialist
Naira Polonsky, quality and process improvement specialist
Tracy Radtke, quality and process improvement specialist
Lori Skinner, quality and patient safety clinical specialist
Abby Skoyen, quality and process improvement specialist
Juee Trivedi, quality and patient safety coordinator
Kristy Wagner, administrative assistant