Minnesota Hospital Association

Data & Reporting


Hospitals face tremendous budgetary pressures, making the need to understand key operating performance issues critical. Vitalics™ is an online system for members to interact with dynamic marketshare reports that tap into the depth and power of our statewide billing database. With Vitalics™ you have the ability to view hospital reports, perform basic queries and download the data for further analysis.

  • Monitor your discharges and patient demographics
  • Gain insights into your marketshare by DRG and service line
  • Support service offering and staffing decisions
  • Identify new growth opportunities

There are two levels of Vitalics™ services to reduce the amount of time and cost to prepare data and to allow more time on analysis and insight:

  1. The base package is available to members at no additional monthly fee and provides the following three dynamic reports:
    1. Patient Origin and Destination Report
    2. Patient Demographics Report
    3. Audit Report

    These reports include interactive filters and selection criteria for such elements as ZIP code, patient origin area, dependency area, and quarter. The reports offered in the base package will continue to expand along similar lines as those available in our standard PDF reports.

  2. The executive dashboard and analytics (EDA) package provides guided graphical views through the data. This is done through a series of interactive dashboards, graphs and tables — all of which can be exported to Excel, CSV, Word and other formats for use in presentations or for further analysis.

    The analytics tool included in this package provides fast and highly customizable pivot table capabilities allowing users to mine the information your organization needs.

Learning to use Vitalics™

Member technology support

If you run into trouble using Vitalics™, help is just an email away. Email vitalics@mnhospitals.org and include the following information:

  • Your user ID
  • Time of issue
  • Description of the issue

You will receive a response to your issue within 24 hours.