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Community Benefit Survey & Reporting

Minnesota hospitals play a vital role in the communities they serve each and every day. The Minnesota Hospital Association quantifies the contributions that hospitals make to their communities by gathering data from hospitals and assigning a monetary value to services such as health outreach programs and specific services, education and training of medical professionals and medical research.

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Questions about community benefits may be directed to Joe Schindler, vice president of finance, MHA, 651-659-1415.

Community benefit data resources for hospitals

Minnesota Department of Health's Report to the Minnesota Legislature 2012, "Building Community Capacity for Prevention: A Plan to Implement Statewide Strategies through Hospitals and Health Plans."

MHA Community Benefits Survey Crosswalk to CHA/VHA, IRS-990 Schedule H, and CBISA Categories.

"A Community Benefit Reporting Toolkit for Critical Access Hospitals" recommends ways that private, non-profit hospitals that are required to submit a Form 990 and its new Schedule H to the IRS can track, calculate and report their community benefit information. Applicable to all non-profit hospitals.

Lyons Software presentation on what community benefit is, what counts, why collect, track and report, and telling your story.

The American Hospital Association provides this resource to help hospitals take info from their Schedule H and combine it with relevant stories and details to ensure the full scope of their community benefits are captured and communicated..

"A Quick Start" Guide for the Hospital Coordinator.

From the Catholic Health Institute, this occurrence form can be used to document and report statistical and financial information for each community health service.

Complete this community benefit tracking form for each event, service or program.

Standard community benefit disclosure footnote. This statement, approved by the MHA Finance Committee, can be included in hospitals' audited financial statements to clarify the community benefit services provided by the hospital.

"MHA Categories of Community Benefit Activities and Programs" can help you in filling out the MHA community benefit survey. It relies primarily on CHA/VHA standard reporting definitions along with Minnesota state reporting definitions.

"Community Benefit Reporting, Guidelines and Standard Definitions for the Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability": In an effort to achieve a national standardized approach for not-for-profit health-care organizations, the Catholic Health Association and VHA have provided this guide that includes standardized community benefit categories, definitions and reporting guidelines. For more information, visit this CHA community benefits Web page.