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Are you looking for qualified health care professionals for your Minnesota hospital? MNHospitalJobs.com can help. As a service for members of the Minnesota Hospital Association, we connect thousands of nurses, doctors and other hospital job seekers with Minnesota hospitals each year. Our goal is to be the main resource for job seekers looking for work in a Minnesota hospital or health system. MHA member hospitals and systems can learn more about obtaining a subscription and how MNHospitalJobs.com can help find the best health care professionals by contacting Nathalie Squire, workforce project manager.

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Are you looking for a career in health care? Find your next Minnesota hospital or health care job. MNHospitalJobs.com helps you locate jobs in nursing, physical therapy, radiology, orthopedics and much more. Search for health care jobs, register for free emailed job alerts, research Minnesota hospitals and learn about Minnesota health care licensing and regulations. MNHospitalJobs.com is affiliated with the Hospital Careers network, which includes more than 20 state hospital associations. 

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