Minnesota Hospital Association


May 20, 2016

Minnesota hospitals urge legislative action to improve community-based mental health care

In newspapers across the state, hospitals and editorial boards show support for the Excellence in Mental Health Act, would allow Minnesota to qualify for a federal initiative to expand access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment by investing in community-based treatment centers. Without approved funding this legislative session, Minnesota would be disqualified from the initiative.  

Learn more about the Excellence Act.   

Editorial coverage
Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Minnesota must act now to expand access to mental health care”
“The Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA), whose members are grappling with rising emergency room visits due to these conditions, correctly calls mental health the ‘most pressing public health crisis facing Minnesota.’ Legislators ought to heed that warning and approve the pragmatic solutions prescribed by the hospitals to help them meet the demand for care.”   

St. Cloud Times: “Find funding for mental health care”
“As the session winds down, this board urges legislators and Gov. Mark Dayton to find spending sources that are sustainable for the long term.”   

Rochester Post-Bulletin: “Our View: Mental health crisis needs attention”
“What better way to celebrate mental health month than with a statewide investment in support services? The Excellence in Mental Health Act gives Minnesota the opportunity to take part in a national demonstration project aimed at transforming how mental health services are delivered.”