Minnesota Hospital Association


March 15, 2017

MHA does not support the AHCA

The Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) has long advocated for health care coverage for all Minnesotans. With that principle in mind, MHA supported the opportunities presented by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Minnesota expanded Medicaid early, providing nearly 200,000 additional Minnesotans with Medical Assistance coverage. Minnesota was one of just two states to implement a Basic Health Plan – enhancing our MinnesotaCare program, which now provides nearly 100,000 people with low premiums, low copays and a good benefit set.

In addition, approximately 110,000 Minnesotans have purchased insurance through our state insurance exchange, MNsure, with more than 60 percent of them receiving federal subsidies to lower their premiums.

As a result, Minnesota is now among the top five states for insurance coverage, with only 4 percent of residents uninsured.

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) in its current form would cut the federal funding that supports the Medicaid expansion and this year funded nearly 90 percent of MinnesotaCare. Thousands of Minnesotans would lose access to meaningful health care coverage, with a sizeable new funding burden falling on the state.

On behalf of our 142 hospitals and health systems, MHA places a priority on preserving health care coverage for low-income Minnesotans. In addition, we want Minnesotans to have meaningful insurance coverage for all essential health care services. We cannot support a return to a system that increases our rate of uninsured; re-creates a reliance on the emergency room; and discourages preventive care, mental health care, routine screenings and other health care throughout a person’s lifetime.

We agree that the ACA is in need of improvement; however, the AHCA is not a solution that will benefit our state or its residents. MHA cannot support the AHCA. We are committed to assisting policymakers in discussing health care legislation that will preserve meaningful health care coverage for Minnesotans.

Lawrence J. Massa, M.S., FACHE
President & CEO
Minnesota Hospital Association

The Minnesota Hospital Association represents 142 hospitals and health systems, which provide quality care for their patients and meet the needs of their communities.

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