Minnesota Hospital Association


April 16, 2018

Phillips Eye Institute staff members receive Minnesota Hospital Association’s Good Catch for Patient Safety award

Two Phillips Eye Institute care team members have received the award that recognizes hospital professionals who demonstrate their commitment to keeping patients safe by speaking up to prevent a potential patient safety issue.   

Registered nurse Melissa Ruud and certified surgical technologist Theresa Silge accepted the quarterly Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Good Catch for Patient Safety award at a presentation on April 11.    

Ruud and Silge were preparing to conduct an eye procedure on a patient. While setting up the operating room, they did verbal verification of the procedure to be conducted, a two-person process recently implemented by Phillips Eye Institute to enhance patient safety. Ruud noted that the lens implant selected for the patient was for the left eye, but the surgery consent was for the right eye.   

Ruud brought this information to the attention of the surgeon, who referred to her office documentation to verify that the lens selected was indeed incorrect. The surgeon informed Ruud which lens she wanted and the correct lens was selected and again verified by the surgeon’s documentation before the procedure was conducted.   

“Continuous improvement in surgical and procedural safety is one of the priority focus areas for Minnesota’s hospitals and health systems, as well as for MHA. This good catch exemplifies the types of best practices that we are working to spread across the state to enhance patient safety,” said Dr. Rahul Koranne, MHA’s chief medical officer. “Good teamwork across all disciplines is essential to taking care of patients undergoing any type of surgery. Nurses, surgeons, surgical techs, anesthesiologists and many other care team members play central, active roles in keeping patients safe.”    

The Good Catch for Patient Safety program recognizes hospital professionals for actions that protect patients. All award winners are entered into the running to receive the quarterly Good Catch for Patient Safety award. Quarterly winners are eligible to be honored with the annual Good Catch for Patient Safety award presented at the MHA Annual Awards banquet in the spring.   

Individuals seeking to nominate an employee or team for the award can visit the MHA website to complete a nomination form. To learn more, contact Tania Daniels, vice president, quality and patient safety, MHA, 651-603-3517, or Dr. Rahul Koranne, 651-659-1445.