Minnesota Hospital Association


December 03, 2018

Abbott Northwestern Hospital care team member receives MHA’s Good Catch for Patient Safety Award

An Abbott Northwestern Hospital care team member has received the award that recognizes hospital professionals who demonstrate their commitment to keeping patients safe by speaking up to prevent a potential patient safety issue.   

Kara Boyko Frandson, Pharm.D., accepted the quarterly Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Good Catch for Patient Safety Award at a presentation on Nov. 12.   

While staffing the emergency department (ED), Boyko Frandson overheard an emergency medical technician tell a patient that the ED provider had said they could take their own home medication. She immediately intervened and explained to the patient and provider that taking their own medication in this situation could lead to unknown drug interactions or duplicate therapy because prescribed medications were already administered in the ED. Due to these risks, taking home medications without documentation or pharmacist review is against system policy.   

Because Boyko Frandson spoke up, she prevented a potential narcotic overdose and other potential interactions with medications the patient had received in the hospital.   

“It is because of actions taken every day by dedicated professionals like Kara that Minnesota hospitals continue to be front-runners in patient safety,” said MHA Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety Tania Daniels. “Kara’s efforts remind us what a difference each person can make to keep patients safe.”   

The Good Catch for Patient Safety program recognizes hospital professionals for actions that protect patients. All Good Catch for Patient Safety Award winners are entered into the running to receive the quarterly Good Catch for Patient Safety Award. Quarterly winners are eligible to be honored with the annual Good Catch for Patient Safety Award presented at the MHA Annual Awards banquet.   

Visit the MHA website to complete nominate an employee or team for the award.