Minnesota Hospital Association


May 28, 2019

Sanford Canby Medical Center care team member receives MHA Good Catch for Patient Safety Award

A Sanford Canby Medical Center care team member has received the award that recognizes hospital professionals who demonstrate their commitment to keeping patients safe by speaking up to prevent a potential patient safety issue.   

Registered nurse Tammy Greenman accepted the quarterly MHA Good Catch for Patient Safety Award at a presentation on May 23.   

A patient presented to the emergency department (ED) with a low magnesium level and was prescribed magnesium sulfate. When Greenman went to the pharmacy to obtain the medication to administer it, she noticed that the individual doses were smaller than the quantity that had been prescribed to the patient.   Greenman contacted the pharmacist on-call to question the dosing and was informed that the smaller quantity was indeed the correct dose. The larger dose that had been prescribed could have caused side effects for the patient. Greenman then contacted the provider to discuss the recommended dosing and the dose was changed, providing effective management of the patient's low magnesium level.   

“It is because of actions taken every day by dedicated professionals like Tammy that Minnesota hospitals continue to be front-runners in patient safety,” said MHA Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety Tania Daniels. “Tammy’s efforts remind us what a difference each person can make to keep patients safe.”   

Visit the MHA website to complete nominate an employee or team for the award. To learn more, contact Tania Daniels, 651-603-3517, or Dr. Rahul Koranne, chief medical officer, MHA, 651-659-1445.