Minnesota Hospital Association


April 13, 2021

Children’s Minnesota care team members receive MHA Good Catch for Patient Safety Award

Two Children’s Minnesota care team members have received the award that recognizes hospital and health system professionals who demonstrate their commitment to keeping patients safe by speaking up to prevent a potential patient safety issue.

Troy Steinhaus, case cart technician, and Cody Young, surgery staff registered nurse, accepted the quarterly Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Good Catch for Patient Safety Award at a virtual presentation on March 17.

The Children’s Minnesota pathology lab received liver mass and lymph node specimens after standard business hours. The lab team did not believe the pathologist was available to review specimens until the next morning and informed Steinhaus that they would put the specimens in formalin, a preservative, overnight.

Steinhaus told the lab team not to put the specimens in formalin until the plan of care could be clarified with the surgical team. He returned to the operating room and Young then clarified the plan of care with surgical team members.

The surgeon called the lab to discuss the plan of care, which included the availability of the pathologist to review the specimens that evening. Placing the fresh specimens into formalin would have made them untestable. By speaking up when there was a question about the plan of care, Steinhaus and Young allowed all team members to pause, collaborate and communicate with each other, preventing the loss of irretrievable specimens.

“It is because of actions taken every day by dedicated professionals like Troy and Cody that Minnesota hospitals and health systems continue to be front-runners in patient safety,” said Dr. Rahul Koranne, president and CEO, MHA. “Their efforts remind us what a difference each person can make to ensure Minnesotans are healthy and have access to the right care at the right time in the right place. Thank you to Children’s Minnesota for partnering with us on a creative virtual celebration that aligned with current health and safety practices to recognize this good catch and honor Troy and Cody.”

Visit the MHA website to nominate a hospital or health system employee or team for the award. To learn more, contact Tania Daniels, vice president of quality and safety, MHA.