Minnesota Hospital Association


May 26, 2021

Healthy Together program enhances community wellness

This story is featured in MHA's community benefit report.

In 2019, Windom Area Health began a program for the community called “Healthy Together.” This group class completes an eight-week curriculum. To date, three cohorts have completed the curriculum, with another session scheduled to start in spring 2021.

Weekly education topics included education on healthy eating, incorporating physical activity into your schedule, and the benefits of sleep and stress reduction. Participants received education from the Windom Area Health facilitating team, comprised of registered dietitians, fitness professionals, nurses, and diabetic educators. In addition, the program offered in-class activities including a healthy meal prep session, Hy-Vee grocery store tours, group workouts modified for all individuals, guided meditation and yoga practices, and building healthy snack packs.

In total, participants lost a combined 34 pounds over the eight weeks of the class. In addition to tracking weight loss, the Windom Area Health team also monitored blood glucose levels, heart rates and blood pressures.

Participants shared the following comments about the Healthy Together program: 

  • “The classes I attended were beneficial to me. At another time, I would like to retake the class.” 
  • “The 1:1 with the dietitian was great and very useful. I’m eating way more vegetables at all three meals.”