Minnesota Hospital Association


September 21, 2023

Winona Health: Addressing Community Needs

Winona Health supports its community by providing more than health care services. The Winona Community HUB addresses needs including housing, transportation, social service referrals, and access to mental health care. The Community HUB addresses health equity issues by improving access to care and resources.     

Brian’s story exemplifies the importance of the Winona Community HUB to the health of those accessing services. A community health worker with Winona Health, Amanda Rodriguez, helped Brian access resources that cannot be provided in a clinic. Amanda helped connect Brian with resources for housing, food, transportation, and mental health support for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, Brian says, “Because of Amanda, I’m on a better path, and I’m staying on track with my health and recovery.”    

The Winona Community HUB is managed by Live Well Winona and is contracted within the Winona Health Foundation. These entities work with community-based organizations to form a network of services that improve community health and wellbeing. 








Amanda Rodriguez conducting a check-in with Brian, a Winona Community HUB participant.