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Newborn Screening Education

Since 1965, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has screened Minnesota newborns soon after birth to see if they are at risk for rare, hidden disorders. By identifying these disorders, interventions, medications or changes in diet can help prevent most health problems caused by disorders on the newborn screening panel.

Minnesota is a national leader in newborn screening. The Newborn Screening Program, together with hospitals, laboratories, and medical professionals across the state, screens newborns for more than 50 disorders that affect metabolism, hormones, the immune system, blood, breathing, digestion, hearing, or the heart.  

View the links below for important information on the Newborn Screening Program, and for more information and resources, visit the MDH website

Webinar: Educating Parents about Newborn Screening and Parental Options
This recording introduces an educational infographic for providers to use when discussing newborn screening with parents and guardians. 

Newborn Screening Materials and Resources: Education Materials and Forms

Newborn Screening educational infographic (downloadable pdf)

Information courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Health