Minnesota Hospital Association

Quality & Patient Safety

Mental and behavioral health

Twenty percent of Minnesotans live with a mental illness. Nearly 75 percent of mental health care is delivered in community settings. Hospitals are dedicated to fighting stigma and providing the most appropriate care to patients with mental illnesses, substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. 

Working with its Mental and Behavioral Health Committee, MHA has partnered with members and mental health stakeholders to improve the quality of mental health care and identify needs in the system to ensure that people experiencing mental illnesses receive the right care in the right setting.  

Helping find appropriate care

Minnesota’s hospitals and health systems serve thousands of patients with mental health and addiction treatment needs. MHA has partnered with the state of Minnesota to create and maintain Minnesota Mental Health Access, an online tool to help providers locate available, appropriate mental health services. 

Coordination and collaboration

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) is a service delivery model being piloted to enhance integration of substance use disorder and mental health services. CCBHCs aim to coordinate care across settings and providers to ensure seamless transitions for individuals across the full spectrum of health and social services, increase consistent use of evidence-based practices and improve access to high-quality care. 

Minnesota’s hospitals and health systems are partnering with CCBHCs to ensure care coordination and collaboration. MHA’s CCBHC tip sheet outlines recommended care coordination communication for hospitals and CCBHCs.