Minnesota Hospital Association

Quality & Patient Safety

Making patient safety a top priority

MHA's board of directors has exercised bold action to commit to patient safety. By championing the statewide adverse health events reporting system and commissioning multiple patient safety calls to action, it strongly demonstrates that quality and patient safety are a top priority.

In the more than a decade that MHA has been spearheading patient safety efforts, member hospitals have shown remarkable commitment to this effort. Over 90 percent of Minnesota hospitals participate in at least one of the statewide initiatives with an average of 100 hospitals participating per initiative. 

To learn more about MHA's patient safety and quality initiatives, contact the quality and patient safety division.

Rahul Koranne, M.D., MBA, 
chief medical officer
Tania Daniels, vice president 
of quality and patient safety 
Lali Silva, senior director for
quality and process improvement