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Delirium is defined as a serious disturbance in mental ability that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of environment. Onset of delirium is typically rapid, occurring within a few days. Delirium can often be traced to one or more contributing factors, such as a severe or chronic medical illness, changes in metabolic balance (such as low sodium), medication, infection, surgery, or alcohol or drug withdrawal.

To combat the incidence of delirium, MHA developed a delirium detection, prevention and management road map and toolkit which provide a comprehensive set of best practices that incorporate research and learnings from national and local efforts. 

Download the Delirium Road Map.

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Delirium tool kit

This tool kit provides information and resources that hospitals implementing programs can use to reduce the incidence of delirium. Hospitals may copy, translate, distribute and present the following items as long as the Minnesota Hospital Association is referenced as the source of the material. If the tool is from another organization, please cite the organization as a source.





Management of behaviors

Emergency Department


Diagnosis Coding


In December 2015, the Minnesota and Ohio Hospital Engagement Networks (HENs) began an intentional and active partnership to address delirium. This collaboration will be highly beneficial in the identification, development and dissemination of delirium tools and resources, as well has provide a greater learning opportunity for both states.   

These webinars are intended to provide didactic instruction and/or step by step direction to hospitals as they work to decrease the incidence of delirium. Webinars will highlight real world examples and champions from the field.

ICU delirium prevention and treatment: Medication-associated implications
May 25, 2017

Non-pharmacologic management of delirium: An ABCDEF approach
Presentation slides
July 27, 2016

Engaging patients and families
Presentation slides
June 22, 2016

Iatrogenic delirium
Presentation slides
Additional slides on dementia/delirium-related behaviors
April 27, 2016

Delirium awareness and assessment 
Presentation slides
Feb. 24, 2016