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Quality & Patient Safety

Building a Culture of Patient Safety

Minnesota hospitals are committed to providing the highest quality, safest care to patients. At the foundation of successful patient safety and quality improvement efforts is a culture of patient safety within the hospital. A strong safety culture can help minimize medical errors. Strong support from leadership is crucial to truly moving the needle on patient safety and quality across the organization.

Leadership must make patient safety a hospital-wide priority and support is needed to ensure hospital staff have the resources they need to make meaningful changes. While some of the safety and quality improvement initiatives are staff-led and initiated, such as Transforming Care at the Bedside, strong support from top leadership is critical for their success.

MAPS logoThe Minnesota Hospital Association is partnering with the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) to address a culture of safety in a collaborative way that expands across health care settings. Using known best practices and emerging national standards in the road map framework that has proven successful, the MAPS safety culture road map helps organizations build an effective organizational culture devoted to patient safety and quality.

The work got under way in May 2012 when nearly 200 health care CEOs, physician champions, nursing leaders, safety leaders and other health care professionals participated in the Safety Culture kickoff. They were given the steps to get started and discussed strategies and tactics for incorporating this important work into existing organizational priorities. The goal is for these best practices to become a community standard through a statewide call to action across all settings of care.

To learn more about building a culture of patient safety, visit the MAPS website.