Minnesota Hospital Association


Board Certification

The Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Trustee Council developed a voluntary board certification program designed to make a good board member great and a committed board member an exceptional asset. Certification is a process of verifying an individual trustee’s initiative to improve personal health care knowledge, leadership effectiveness and compliance with a variety of governance best practices. Becoming certified shows a trustee’s commitment to high standards and accountability for their governance performance.

Certified trustees are knowledgeable board members who are ambassadors and champions for their facilities and communities. Certification helps promote consistent standards, meaningful accountability, effective leadership and broad knowledge of critical health care issues. It provides trustees with an opportunity to move beyond the basics of governance to a forward-thinking, strategic understanding of the health care environment and how to move their hospitals’ mission and vision to a new level.

View the board certification brochure to learn more. Follow these instructions to check your certification status online.

For questions about the MHA board certification program or to check your board certification progress, complete our contact form.