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Board Certification

Minnesota Hospital Association has developed a nation-leading voluntary board certification designed to make a good board trustee great and a committed trustee an exceptional asset. This certification is a process of verifying an individual trustee's initiatives to improve personal health care knowledge, leadership effectiveness and compliance with a variety of governance best practices. Certification is a viable way of assuring various stakeholders that Minnesota's hospitals hold themselves to high standards and are accountable for their governing performance.

Advantages of board certification

  • Increased knowledge and skill development of health care issues.
  • Moving from reactive to proactive in your approach to strategic planning.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the board and the CEO.
  • Increased awareness of financial accountability and performance.
  • Improved knowledge about effective governance best practices.
  • Better understanding of public policy and importance of trustee involvement in contacting legislators and getting involved in advocacy at the community level.


Participants are expected to invest their time and energy to complete the components for certification. A minimum of one year of board experience is required to begin the certification process. This certification results in trustees being acknowledged as mentors, ambassadors and champions for their facility and community.

The certification process will take approximately two years involving educational and personal aspects to help guide the trustee to a final Governance Certificate. The certificate will be presented to each trustee upon successful completion of the program.

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