Minnesota Hospital Association


Board Certification Forms

Enrollment form

Complete this form to let MHA know of your intention to complete the board certification process.

Course approval form

MHA automatically records your participation in certain MHA-sponsored activities and CEUs are completed on site for other MHA-sponsored activities. To request credit for a health care governance program offered by another organization, please complete this form and attach a program brochure including an agenda and program descriptions. Make sure to indicate which portions of the conference you attended. MHA will review the content of the program for applicability within the component categories. A maximum of 20 percent, or seven credits, of a trustee’s total education credit hours can be earned through outside organizations.
Please note that only programs on health care governance topics are applicable. Board education for other industries will not be considered.

Completion form

Once trustees complete the required credits in each of the education categories, they must submit this form to show they’ve also completed the basic standards of board involvement.

Complete this form to let MHA know of your intention to complete the advanced board certification process.


For questions about the MHA Trustee Certification Program, contact Christy Hammer, manager, education programs, MHA, 651-659-1412 or Kristin Loncorich, vice president of education & member services, MHA, 651-603-3526.