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Ensorsed Business Partners

MHA's Endorsed Business Partner (EBP) program identifies innovative organizations for partnership with MHA and its members to advance the health of Minnesotans. The selected business partners improve hospital and health system operations by providing value-added services to hospitals and health systems in Minnesota. Through a rigorous and deliberate vetting process, the MHA EBP program matches issue-specific member needs with products and/or services from innovative, value-added vendor selections.

The selected business partners are expected to meet high-quality standards and offer products or services that help health care organizations control costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity, develop staff resources and apply new strategies. Through the due diligence process, MHA performs the necessary evaluation and analysis of the potential partner for review, approval and endorsement.

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MHA Business Partners

care.ai provides an ambient intelligent monitoring platform to power the smart facility of the future. The platform is powered by AI-enabled sensors that learn and infer on the edge in real-time, bringing a new way of solving some of the age-old problems such as fall prevention, pressure-injury prevention, hand-hygiene compliance, infection prevention & control, rounding adherence, automated documentation, virtual rounding, virtual sitting, and more. care.ai’s Smart Facility platform automates repetitive tasks, predicts problems before they occur, and allows providers to focus on the emotional support and personalized care that only they can provide
CommerceHealthcare by Commerce Bank offers solutions tailored for health care organizations that help improve cash flow and create a better patient experience.
Discover Yourself, Inc. Discover Yourself, Inc., teaches teams to better understand each other in order to deliver strong results together. Clients love the company’s Insights Discovery programs that use a simple, accessible four-color model to understand an individual’s unique preferences, which are measured based on responses to a short online evaluator. The result is a 20-page personality profile that identifies strengths and areas for development, helping teams achieve their full professional potential. Almost five million people and thousands of teams have used Insights Discovery to answer the question, “How can we become more effective as a team?”
GeaCom is an established Minnesota innovator and producer of market-leading healthcare engagement solutions designed to set new standards in health equity, efficiency of service, and revenue models. GeaCom’s FDA-grade platform, Phrazer/Kitsune, is interoperable with all major EMR's and provides patented features for improved patient flow and granular staff control, top of licensure performance, and real-time engagement capabilities. Phrazer/Kitsune's synchronous/asynchronous and augmented functionalities coordinate resources to the point of need and offer a new, effective way to balance patient flow through rostered onsite and remote staff.
Jackson Physician Search specializes in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers to locations across the U.S. As the fastest growing and most trusted physician recruitment firm, the company champions innovative, all-digital recruitment technologies that result in quicker placements and greater ROI. Jackson Physician Search’s mission, rooted in four decades of service, is to always deliver what it promises, which is why health care organizations rely on the company’s expertise to find candidates who fit, succeed and stay.
Juniper Advisory is an independent advisory firm with unparalleled experience working with hospitals and health systems on optimizing strategic alignment. The firm’s business is assisting boards of directors and executive leadership teams to understand their strategic options and to plan and execute complex strategic partnerships. This focus, as well as deep experience and understanding of the nonprofit and health care sectors, have allowed the firm to advise on many of the largest and most noteworthy change-of-control transactions in these fields
MCAG is an expert in obtaining money for businesses and health care organizations through its class action settlement recovery service. The company provides settlement recovery services to over 1,400 hospitals across the country. The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be focused on revenue recovery in the face of the global crisis. The MCAG team is applying best practices during each phase of its response in order to help position clients to survive the crisis and meet the urge in demand when the pandemic subsides.
RIP Medical Debt is a mission-driven nonprofit providing a unique solution that allows hospitals and health systems to earn revenue from dormant, uncollectable bad debt; address a social determinant of health and health equity issue; and identify opportunities to refine their financial assistance programs to better serve their communities. RIP Medical Debt leverages donor funds to acquire and abolish medical debt, thereby removing the burden of problematic debt held by community members who are experiencing financial hardship.
Medical Solutions is an industry-leading workforce solutions provider that streamlines clinical and nonclinical health care staffing through fully customized programs. Nationwide, Medical Solutions has helped health care facilities gain whole-house efficiency, control labor costs and enhance patient care standards by finding the right people at the right time.
Since pioneering the equipment maintenance management industry in 1982, Mediserve Inc. has helped hospitals of all sizes reduce their costs on equipment maintenance contracts between 10-25% on average, all while streamlining equipment maintenance coverages into one easily managed agreement with Mediserve. Relying on over 38 years of actuarial data, Mediserve analyzes risk on existing equipment maintenance contracts and provides its clients with a free quote that details the guaranteed savings hospitals can realize by partnering with Mediserve. Since its inception as a risk transfer company, Mediserve has saved its clients over $1 billion in maintenance contract costs while providing the same overages and services hospitals experience under direct OEM or ISO contracts.
Modern Capital Executive Solutions uses a multistep consulting process to help health care organizations retain and reward key employees using executive benefit programs that maximize financial efficiency for the organization and are customized for the lifestyle of each recipient.
PARA HealthCare Financial Analytics, Inc., provides a single source solution for revenue cycle management: market based and cost pricing, charge master coding, reimbursement consulting, compliance reviews, charge capture process improvement, share of cost widget, patient price estimator, A/R billing and collection services and a cloud-based web solution called the PARA Data Editor.
By utilizing SUNRx as a 340B administrator, hospitals can access increased financial support, allowing them to provide better care, improve patient outcomes and help individuals access discounted medications.